Emergency Door Repairs

split door edge from break inWhen you’ve had a forced entry or a door has been damaged by weather or other situations, you need it secured fast.  That’s where the door guy at Door Consultants comes in.  We can get your door repaired quickly and your home or building secured.  Most often we can this done in within hours the same day you contact us.

We have experience working with insurance companies and know what their concerns are and what yours are and how to get your claim approved quickly, often in the same day and have a new door installed by the end of that day.

We can make repairs to the existing door so it can be used until the claim is approved or a custom door is ready for installation.  These repairs normally will make the broken door and frame stronger than it was before the damage.

Please consider that having an exit door covered with plywood eliminates that door as an exit and can be dangerous if an emergency arises.

Other emergencies such as a broken door close or pivots can also need immediate attention as these things can easily cause injury to those using the doorway.  We keep in the service truck several different types of closers and hinges for a quick repair.

Broken Joints Repair

door being repaired and securedTypically in older stile and rail doors (otherwise known as panel doors) the joints that keep the door square will break at the corners.

Once door is broken in this way, it will expand in width and the door will drag on the threshold at the lock edge.  The normal solution is to just replace the door.

This can often be repaired by installing a threaded rod inside the door that pulls the sides together.

Extra-long drills have been acquired that are used for this procedure that has be performed on over 30 doors and was first done on a church door in 1991.

Several photos are to be found on the image page.

Door Frame Repairs

The now well-known Stainless Steel angle repair has been installed on over 1,600 wood door frames since 1981.  The standardized S S angle measures 30” high and 2” on one leg and 1-3/4” on the other.

The angle is installed under the casing on the lock edge (the casing is removed and reinstalled after the angle in installed) with the 1-3/4” leg fitting between the door and the frame and the 2” leg laying on the frame edge and wall.

16-18 holes are drilled and countersunk for the screws that will go through the often broken wood and covers the damaged area.  These screws used are long enough to go into the 2x4’s or in some buildings, concrete block and brick.

The locks then are fit to the S. S. angle to pull the door tightly into the frame and the wood trim reinstalled.