At Door Consultants, Inc. all we do is doors. Whether it be an emergency repair as a result of a break-in or other repairs we most often can make them on the same day as you call.

This being the only thing we do has resulted in experience with every conceivable repair and replacement situation imaginable and the best way to handle them.


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Door Consultants, Inc. offers fast reliable service on all our repairs. Your family's safety comes first with us. Let our 30 years of experience in the field speak for itself.

Our Services Include

  • Door replacements, wood, custom wood, commercial aluminum and hollow metal
  • Door repairs due to break-in
  • Wood frame repairs and preventive reinforcements
  • Fire rated wood and steel doors and frames
  • Re-fitting of older wood doors and the repair of broken joints that make older wood doors sag at the lock edge.
  • Hinge and door closer replacements
  • Custom repairs using steel, stainless steel and wood
  • Custom made anti-pry devices for aluminum doors and frames.

We are also experienced in removing existing patio doors and frames that no longer keep water out of a building. We will install what is called a flashing under them so that the same frame can be re-installed and eliminate the leak permanently.

new edge repaired on wood door

Custom Installation

Door Replacement