Door Replacement


At Door Consultants, Inc., we offer the top-quality replacement doors and the outstanding service you’re looking for. We offer well-crafted, meticulously installed doors in a variety of styles – all at fair prices and backed by our years of experience and craftsmanship.

The new doors that we install can be wood, steel, fiberglass, Hollow Metal, and glass and aluminum.

Each of these doors has different advantages and drawbacks and we will review the options with you to find the correct door for your needs and budget.

Some thoughts on the different types of doors

A wood door is durable and repairable but must be painted or stained and varnished.

A steel door is the least expensive and requires little care.

A fiberglass door is tougher than steel but would need to be ordered and painted once installed.

A Hollow Metal door is very durable but needs to be installed into a heavy frame.  It can be made to any size.  This is not considered a warm door and is not as quiet as a wood door.

A glass and aluminum door can be made any size and is used where there is a need to see what is on the other side, but it can be very heavy duty door.

(right) Flush door with moldings